Optimizing working time in the company

Optimizing working time in the company thanks to the Keyturion application

Social media today is something most people cannot imagine their day without. Even at work, a significant proportion of the population regularly checks what is happening on popular websites. Unfortunately, people working on the computer have access to social media, which favors their distraction during working hours. Thanks to the KeyTurion application, you can successfully control whether an employee is engaged in work or spends his time browsing private accounts on social media.

How does KeyTurion control employees?

The KeyTurion application has a wide range of possibilities in the field of tracking what activities are performed on the computer. Among other things, this allows you to control the time spent on pages specified in the application. It can include, among others, all popular social networks. The application collects very reliable data, even from multiple computers, which translates into the ability to determine how much time all employees spend on this type of entertainment during working hours.

Program capabilities

  • Keylogger – Keyboard Monitoring
  • Screen Capture-Screenshots
  • Clipboard Monitoring
  • Visited Websites Monitoring
  • Applications Time Tracking
  • File and folder monitoring
  • Printed Document Tracking

Will KeyTurion block access to social media?

If the employer deems it necessary or advisable in a given company, it may prohibit employees from using social media on company computers. In the event that a given prohibition is breached, the application will send a notification to the employer. Such alerts can be freely configured and can also be successfully used for other websites and for other activities related to computer maintenance. The employer can receive notifications in real time, which allows you to very precisely control what is happening in the office, without even having to physically check the computers of his subordinates. For the optimization of work, it is also beneficial that all data is saved and can be returned to when planning work organization for the future. In addition, the application is very easy to use and installation does not take long, and employees do not need to know that such software is on the computer. This is a very good solution that will not cause unpleasant situations at work and will not negatively change the relationship between the boss and employees.